The Prophethood of All Believers

I am now finished with the writing of my Pentateuch paper on Numbers 11:24-30.(Correction: I am finished with the writing of new content…I now have the unenviable task of editing my paper and cutting it down to ten pages…I’ll save that for tomorrow…oh wait, it’s past midnight already…I’ll save that for later today…) Woot woot. But here’s the take-home element from the paper: הִנֵּה (whaddaya know?!), if you are a believer united with Christ, then you have the Spirit of Yahweh, a Spirit of prophecy, so yes, you are a prophet!
If you know your Bible well, you may have already known that you are to be a holy nation and a priesthood, but I bet you didn’t know (or consciously think) that the Church is also a prophethood of believers, and we are fully equipped to bear each other’s burdens and minister to one another, in ways that Moses could could only anticipate. That’s why pastors and believers need not be overwhelmed today as Moses was overwhelmed in bearing the burdens of a rebellious nation. For we all have Christ’s Spirit, and while Moses was Israel’s human mediator, we have one greater than Moses, Jesus Christ, the God-man, as our Mediator. (on a side note: do you see that the Doctrine of the Trinity actually is quite practical? I wouldn’t be able to draw these practical conclusions if our God were unitarian…)


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