Jesus Doesn’t Guilt-Trip!


I saw this on facebook (where some people had this status):

Jesus: Santa.
Santa: Yes?
Jesus: I’m sad.
Santa: Why are you sad? It’s Christmas right? It’s your birthday!
Jesus: Yeah. That’s the point
Santa: Why?
Jesus: Because whenever its Christmas the kids only wait for you and not me! They only celebrate Christmas because of you! Why Santa, why not Jesus? – Dec. 25 is for Jesus not for Santa. Repost if You Believe in Jesus! P.S He Knows You Looked – deny me in front your friends and I will deny you in front of my father.

Look, I think most of the above exchange is cute (and slightly stupid and pointless…you won’t convert anyone, and you don’t get brownie points for “standing up for Jesus”…He’ll do that himself at his second coming). I would never post the above exchange, myself, but heck, it’s okay if you said Jesus was mad at Santa. Whatever.

However, what grinds my gears is the postscript (P.S.). That is so manipulative and guilt-tripping. What the heck! “P.S He Knows You Looked-deny me in front your friends and I will deny you in front of my father” WOW! I mean seriously. Is that really who Jesus is? Will he turn his back on you because you didn’t “redeem” your facebook post? Is he that petty?

Now I don’t want to be confrontational, especially with my friends on facebook, but I couldn’t help myself. I commented on one of these statuses: Jesus doesn’t guilt-trip.

UPDATE: I no longer have Facebook. Besides the privacy issues and time-wasting … one great way not to see this guilt-manipulation stuff. Though it is sometimes entertaining to denounce (though it does take a physical toll on your blood pressure sometimes…).

I mean, if you think about it, what would Jesus do? He wouldn’t want you to have Facebook, would he? 😛 Just kidding. Like I said, Jesus doesn’t guilt-trip. He might give brownie points for those who read Dean’s blog and comment and share, though. Maybe.


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