Yahweh is (like) God?! Yahweh’s Self-Revelation (as God)

Okay, I am not above using controversial, attention-grabbing titles for my own ends. Of course, I believe Yahweh is God. I just wanted to get you to read this article…

I rarely do this, but I would like to recommend an article about metaphor and our (lack of?) understanding of who God is. It can be found: here) as an added bonus, it helps us understand what we are actually doing when we use metaphor in our speech and our thoughts). Continue reading

The Lord’s Supper and the Presence of Christ

Question: What’s going on with the Lord’s Supper? Is Christ really present? I.e. what does it mean for the bread and wine to be the body and blood of Christ?

These are some big theological questions, and I don’t intend to answer them fully. However, I do want to address briefly what some of the big three “evangelical” views on the Lord’s Supper are, and I will try to offer some cursory evaluation of each view.

If I understand, most evangelicals/Protestants adopt the default “baptistic”/Zwinglian view (i.e. most Baptist churches take this view, which originated with Ulrich Zwingli, i.e. the guy involved with the Swiss Reformation, contemporary-ish with Calvin and Luther). Continue reading

Common Grace

Okay, so I kinda gave away the answer to the question(s) I’m about to ask…

Let’s back up. It’s been a while since I posted after my Taiwan food diary. Anyway, it’s good to get back to theological matters (though I really should be getting back to analyzing the Greek of Ephesians and Hebrews).

Anyway, we had a good discussion in my class on Proverbs. After a long discussion on wisdom and torah and fear of Yahweh, we came to this question: Can non-Christians live a wise life?

Put another way: Can non-Yahweh-fearers truly love one another? Continue reading