Tip for Bibleworks and LibreOffice Users

Anyone who’s ever used Bibleworks will know that it is a powerful program, but one that was written/coded terribly (almost as if Biblical scholars wrote the code and not professional programers). Added to the fact that it is very proprietary and doesn’t use Unicode … (at least Bibleworks 8)…and on a side note, Bibleworks works relatively well on GNU/Linux if one installs it via WINE. Continue reading


Brutusfacticus’ New Home

I used to blog on blogger/blogspot. (I have also just imported my old posts.) However, due to my strong support for free software and my strong dislike of proprietary/non-free software, I will now use WordPress to host my blog instead. Also, I am writing this from my Mozilla Firefox browser on a computer running GNU/Linux OS: Linux Mint.

For more concerning digital ethics, see Dr. Poythress’ article.

*UPDATE (Feb 28 2013): I recognize that the free software is from WordPress.org, not WordPress.com, but all the same, I like WordPress.

Why Not to Vote for Obama or Romney

See Gary Johnson on Foreign Policy (or why Obama and Romney don’t get it). Also, see Ross Douthat’s article on Pandering to the rich and using fear-tactics. Those are my titles for the links, so they’re not the official names.

Also, I am more and more convinced that government should be smaller and smaller, because as the US Government currently stands, it is actually very socialist, except it is in bed with the Rich/Corporations. They tax the nation and then invest that in Special Interests, such as Big Agri-Business/Corn Subsidies and Wall Street Subsidies (in the Bailout). How is it that a government will not help out the poor but help out the rich and make it artificially risk-free for bankers to make more money with other people’s money? This is injustice. Continue reading