Why Not to Vote for Obama or Romney

See Gary Johnson on Foreign Policy (or why Obama and Romney don’t get it). Also, see Ross Douthat’s article on Pandering to the rich and using fear-tactics. Those are my titles for the links, so they’re not the official names.

Also, I am more and more convinced that government should be smaller and smaller, because as the US Government currently stands, it is actually very socialist, except it is in bed with the Rich/Corporations. They tax the nation and then invest that in Special Interests, such as Big Agri-Business/Corn Subsidies and Wall Street Subsidies (in the Bailout). How is it that a government will not help out the poor but help out the rich and make it artificially risk-free for bankers to make more money with other people’s money? This is injustice.

Both Obama/Democrats and Romney/Republicans will perpetuate this plutocratic socialism (Obama supported the Bailout, and Romney believes it is the government’s duty to insure the rich can “create jobs.” So much for true free-market capitalism and creative destruction and justice. Why do the rich need to be propped up? This is socialism at its worst!).

Also, both Obama and Romney are foolish if they allow the US Military presence to continue as is. We do a terrible job, and this translates to billions of dollars wasted abroad, to messing up geopolitics by playing God, and to attacks like 9/11 and other terrorist counter-attacks and backlash that only serves to endanger the American peoples.

In closing, I will admit that I can be wrong, and there may be good reasons for voting for Obama and/or Romney. I want to argue that there are many more good reasons NOT to vote for Obama or Romney. But however you vote, do so intentionally. And if you don’t vote because you are too lazy to care, I suggest you reread the Prophetic corpus of the Old Testament. God cares about what happens to the poor and oppressed of this world, and if you follow him, you should too. If you don’t vote because you are too disenchanted with the two political parties, may I suggest voting third-party, especially Gary Johnson or Ron Paul (or whoever is left)? Not voting communicates that you don’t care. Throwing away your vote deliberately communicates that you do care and that you believe the two parties we currently have are terrible (or at least need to make drastic improvements on their respective platforms).


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