Articles (and More Thoughts) on Software Freedom and Issues of Copyright

For those interested, here are some websites to get you started:

Those who value the insights of theologians/Biblical scholars

These articles are straight from the Free Software Foundation (FSF) and GNU (a free operating system (OS), currently not fully ready to stand alone, that has been commonly paired with the Linux kernel to form GNU/Linux OS distributions/”distros” like Ubuntu and Fedora and Debian)

This one is a provoking (if dated) article on a case study of OpenDocument Formats and Micro$oft:

Enjoy! Freedom to Share = Lasting Social / Common Good.

Maybe then one can begin to understand why I will generally refuse to send documents in non-free file formats, why I will try not to give a single penny of my money to companies like Micro$oft and Apple! If you buy and use proprietary (i.e. non-free) software, say, from Micro$oft, the only way anyone can possibly benefit from that money you spent on Micro$oft is if one continues to spend money on later products that will be more and more powerful and efficient at limiting your freedom to love one another and share. This also happens when one lines up for the next iPhone that forces you to use it according to Apple’s way, and not the way of the one who buys the actual hardware! And people still worship at the altar of Apple. “Oh, it monitors my use of data and restricts my use of its products, but isn’t it so shiny?”

When you buy from Apple, society loses, and your own freedom is taken away (By the way, I have an Apple Decal affixed to my trash bin. An excellent use of the decal, if I may say so…). But when you support Free Software, the time and energy and/or money you spend will be able to benefit people in Third World countries and around the globe (unto perpetuity) that either cannot (or are unwilling) to spend an atrocious amount of money on software that they cannot share or adapt to their needs.

Oh, and on a related note, Death to DRM! (And if you rip CDs, consider FLAC or OGG, not WMA or MP3. The last two collect royalties and are controlled by outside corporations who value profit over your freedom!!! You’d be surprised how much software and file formats are proprietary. To be clear, GNU and FSF do not oppose profit or making money. They simply won’t stand for taking away freedom in order to profit. But to preserve freedom, we must value it.)


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