Copyright Trolls Get Busted – A Warning to Lawyers

See this article on Techdirt. The transcript is excellent, and the judge involved is to be highly commended. One commenter, “That Other Guy,” in a comment to the TechDirt article wrote:

I can only assume the judge either has titanium plated self control, or ended that case with her face entirely beet red from all the facepalms she ended up pulling listening to all that.

This is better than TV law shows. And, yes, this goes to show how shady copyright litigation can be, and this is a warning to all potential lawyers about dealing with such companies involved with copyright trolling and litigation. It is not surprising that established lawyers who want to keep their reputation have shied away from such cases.

And the judge is also kind enough to offer Mr. Torres, the young lawyer, some sage advice:

Mr. Torres, a word to the wise, sir. When you represent an entity, no matter how limited your role is, you’re placing your bar number at issue and you’re placing your name and your goodwill at issue before a Court.

And saying you’re local counsel and you only intended to file on their behalf and pick up a small fee for that limited role does not absolve you from responsibility for making sure that whatever you sign on to, whatever you enter an appearance on behalf of is a legitimate entity with legitimate concerns, because you run a strong risk that you could be sanctioned or lose your bar license behind conduct of the type that you’re witnessing here.

I hope that this is a lesson to you about how to proceed going forward with characters such as the ones that are presented here.


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