Gnome or KDE?

Disclaimer: My first GNU/Linux experience was Linux Mint 12, and then shortly thereafter Linux Mint 13, then Linux Mint 14, and then, after buying a Royal Penguin, a Linux-computer (without paying the M$-tax) from Thinkpenguin, I switched over to Debian Wheezy (Debian 7/Testing) with Gnome 3.4 (or 3.6 or … one of those). Continue reading

What Makes Battlestar Galactica and the Walking Dead So Good (PART II)

For part I, see here.

Shows like BSG and WD also use these bleak worlds to present us with challenging situations in which there is no good solution, and people must be mature and take responsibility for their own actions. This contrasts with cheap Disney movies or other movies that always has a perfect ending that just happens to solve all problems and have little to no real sacrifice or cost involved. Continue reading

What Makes Battlestar Galactica and the Walking Dead So Good (Besides the Amazing Bear McCreary) (PART I)

Why do we like Battlestar Galactica (2009) (hereafter BSG) and the Walking Dead (WD) so much? What makes it so great and entertaining? What makes the writing so high quality?

I don’t pretend to speak for the millions of fans watching it? But I think there are a few things about these shows that make them so enthralling and captivating.

We are people who learn through stories. We enter into the worlds created by those stories. One thing apocalyptic films about survival and life and death is that Continue reading

Thoughts on “The Next Three Days” (2010)

This is my first movie “review,” so go easy.

I don’t think The Next Three Days was out-of-the-park amazing, but it raised some interesting questions (those that challenge the mainstream mentality of man’s total control and power and foresight). The story is about a man (Russell Crowe, who has a terrible Wiki picture) who is set on breaking his wife (Elizabeth Banks) out of jail (not breaking his wife –> they actually love each other).

He goes and talks to a convict who broke out of jail 7 times (Liam Neeson), and the advice he receives is that it requires a lot of work, dedication (being willing to do things normal people wouldn’t want to do, like pushing an old lady in the way), and luck.

SPOILER: Continue reading