Great Gnome Theme: DeLorean-Dark (Dummy Tips for Debian)

Check out this great dark gnome theme for Debian (and other GNU/Linux distros): here and here (for Gnome 3.4). I love how the artist is called killhellokitty. Anyhoo, I just wanted to share this quick tweak with Debian (Squeeze and Wheezy) users.

I had a hard time getting the theme to show up. I basically downloaded the file (because the ppa repositories are for Ubuntu and its derivatives… I tried using the ubuntu ppa, but Debian wouldn’t accept it, unsurprisingly). I did what I was supposed to do, and I copied it into my /usr/share/themes folder. However, the themes still didn’t show up. And this was using root-terminal.

DISCLAIMER: This post was written more to help myself remember what I did that worked for me. This is probably not an efficient way of doing things. You were warned.

Basically, what you need to do is to change the directory permissions, and it worked for me (though perhaps restarting one’s computer may make permission changes unnecessary).

Anyway, I ended doing this, and it finally worked (though this may be inefficient … I’m no GNU/Linux expert):

  1. First download and extract the zipped file to a location (I used my Downloads folder).
  2. Prepare the destination folder (/usr/share/themes) by changing the permissions:

    chmod 777 /usr/share/themes

  3. Then move the extracted folder to /usr/share/themes:

    cd Downloads
    cp -r delorean-dark /usr/share/themes

  4. Then you have to specifically change permissions for the new delorean-dark folder just in case:

    chmod 777 /usr/share/themes/delorean-dark

Then I went to Advanced Settings –> Themes. I changed themes I could (Windows, GTK or whatever) to delorean-dark in the drop-down menu. Hope it helps. Comments? Faster way to work this out in Debian? Comment below.


2 thoughts on “Great Gnome Theme: DeLorean-Dark (Dummy Tips for Debian)

  1. Great advice. I have tried it and it worked like a charm. If you plan to use 3.8 delorean, then copy the contents of the folder to downloads, as it has 4 different themes in it. Thanks!

  2. Hi there, thank you for the information here. Just to let you know in the end all I did was extract it in my local download folder, I then su, cd /usr/share/themes, then cp -r . It then has the same root priveleges as the other themes. I hope this helps. I didn’t need to change any permissions.

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