New English Translation of the Book of Jonah

I have recently translated the book of Jonah from the Hebrew using the BHS text (5th ed.). This was for a master’s seminar class on Biblical Translations led by Dr. Fred Putnam, and I benefited from the feedback provided by members of the seminar.

I wanted this translation to be fun to read, and I have translated the poem/song in Jonah 2 as an English poem (with rhyming couplets). The JonahTranslationDCV.pdf (for Dean Chia Version) has normal layout with some footnotes, and the JonahTranslationDCVprintable.pdf fits on one page for easy printing and distributing.

As always, this work can be freely distributed, translated, copied, modified, whatever. If you have any comments or criticisms, whether as an amateur, Bible scholar, Hebrew scholar, poet, whatever, please post below. They will be greatly appreciated. If you wish to have the word document, I can put up the ODT files (readable through LibreOffice).

UPDATE: 2013 June 11/2014 Nov 21. I have recently revised my translation. Here is an updated translation (there is never a finalized, perfect one): JonahTranslationDCVnew.


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