A Pastor’s Touching Reflections on the Loss of His Daughter

See this touching reflection on a pastor’s loss of his daughter (age: 29). It is a serious, honest reflection on the pain and hope and joy of Christians who experience the death of a loved one, but knowing that their grief is not without hope founded in the glory of the Gospel, of a Creator who is sovereign over death through the redeeming faith in and faithfulness of Jesus.

Thanks to Carl Trueman for his link from Reformation21.


Treatises from Trueman, Musings on Celebrity Culture in American Evangelicalism

Here is an excellent quotation from yet another Carl Trueman article, If the Top Men take over, who will ask the hard questions? warning against the excess and danger of evangelicalism’s celebrity culture:

Celebrity brings with it such matters as a culture of false intimacy with complete strangers and a charismatic authority rooted in the person not in an institution.  Thus, influence is often predicated on personality, not on the intrinsic merits of arguments etc.

. . . celebrities are routinely allowed to behave in ways which would not be tolerated in ordinary mortals.

. . . In short, normal rules do not apply to celebrities in the same way as they do to others.

My Review of “What Is the Meaning of Sex?” by Denny Burk

What Is the Meaning of Sex?What Is the Meaning of Sex? by Denny Burk

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Those who are familiar with and/or grounded in biblical sex-ethics will not find a lot of “creative” new or original material from Burk. But that is not to say that his book is anything but incisive, relevant, refreshing, and sorely needed.

He defends the classic view of marriage and sex, but his exegesis is alive, careful, and faithful, and his writing lucid and precise. Burk sees the storms coming where the young generation will be forced to pick sides and stand firm on questions of homosexuality, marriage, gender, etc.
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My Review of “Marriage: Sex in the Service of God” by Christopher Ash

Marriage: Sex in the Service of GodMarriage: Sex in the Service of God by Christopher Ash

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A tour de force and the go-to book for understanding Marriage in light of robust Christian/creational theology. A rare book that I can find no error in. With great wisdom, clarity, and thoroughness, Ash grounds his understanding of marriage and related gender issues in a firm theological foundation based on careful and faithful exegesis of Scripture.

He answers, among many other questions, what marriage is, what its purpose is (to fulfill the cultural mandate of ordering and caring for creation), in what way is woman a helper to man (and the answer is to help man fulfill his calling before God, and NOT to address his loneliness!), should one look for a marriage partner, and if so, what should one look for in a marriage partner. Continue reading

Thoughts on Testing and Grades and How/If They Relate to Learning: A Thought Experiment

Just a random musing on the topic of grading. Recently, I was in a discussion about online tests, and that of course is couched in the context of testing, and I was thinking about the purpose of testing. What does testing do? Does it actually help facilitate learning? Or is it just to appease accreditors (yes, I know that taken together, those two questions create a false dichotomy). Continue reading