My Review of “Marriage: Sex in the Service of God” by Christopher Ash

Marriage: Sex in the Service of GodMarriage: Sex in the Service of God by Christopher Ash

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A tour de force and the go-to book for understanding Marriage in light of robust Christian/creational theology. A rare book that I can find no error in. With great wisdom, clarity, and thoroughness, Ash grounds his understanding of marriage and related gender issues in a firm theological foundation based on careful and faithful exegesis of Scripture.

He answers, among many other questions, what marriage is, what its purpose is (to fulfill the cultural mandate of ordering and caring for creation), in what way is woman a helper to man (and the answer is to help man fulfill his calling before God, and NOT to address his loneliness!), should one look for a marriage partner, and if so, what should one look for in a marriage partner.

Among other things, Ash exposits with great wisdom controversial passages like 1 Cor 7 (singleness vs. married life), passages about submission, authority, head-covering, etc.

All in all, Ash delivers on what he promises, and he promises a book that provides a firm theological basis for understanding the purposes and identity of marriage and of biblical manhood and womanhood. Some may argue that this book is not immediately practical or “easily apply-able.” While Ash believes practice is essential, nevertheless, he intentionally limits himself to foundation setting, for pastors and counselors cannot base practice on anything but a firm and biblical understanding of marriage. And this is exactly what Ash provides.

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