Cola Day 4


It is now day 4. I can assure you, he actually can walk even if all his pictures are of him lying down. In fact he has learned how to climb up the stairs (though he fell down the stairs today). We will still to bring him down. He eats well, and he is good on the leash. He will grow to be a big boy, no doubt. He is still skinny, clocking in at 18.7 lbs, but he won’t be for long. He is starting to teeth, and so he enjoyed his first bone. He scratches a bit too frequently, but his flee medication will come soon. Until his Wellness Puppy food comes in, it’ll be chicken with rice for his spoiled highness. He can now understand sit, shake-hand, and down. Don’t worry. I also discipline/correct him and give him boundaries. No sofa, no jumping on people, etc. Coco is also my fellow trainer, providing him with a calm, submissive energy. Go Team Coco-Cola.

UPDATE [3:46pm]: He had his first accident in the house. That was because he drank a lot, and then he slept for a few hours downstairs. When he went upstairs, I didn’t leave an eye on him for a bit, and then there was a clear puddle in the room (so he’s definitely hydrated). It was really my fault. So he’ll still need supervision for a while.

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