Quick Fix for Zotero Not Starting in Latest Firefox/Iceweasel

I am currently running Debian Sid 64bit using the latest Sid-repo Iceweasel (Firefox) browser. I also use Zotero, which is a great FOSS bibliographical software program backed by George Mason University (i.e. EndNote replacement for those who care about free software and digital ethics). There is a standalone version, but I have chosen to use the Firefox/Iceweasel version so that it “resides in” Firefox. Continue reading

The Gospel of L’Oréal: Narcissism and Inherent Value (Or Lack Thereof)


“Because You’re Worth It.”

This is the narcissistic Gospel of L’Oréal: “Because You’re Worth it.” Here’s the logic:

  • You are inherently beautiful and lovely.
  • Therefore you deserve love, respect, acceptance, affirmation, attention, *insert own self-puffing noun that you deserve because you are, ya know, worth it* . . .

You’re worth it. You are inherently valuable /  _________ (insert here whatever inherent quality you think you possess). Therefore you deserve _________ (insert here whatever you feel entitled to). This is the Spirit of the Age. This is the Gospel of L’Oréal.

The “Gospel” Gospel–that is, the real Gospel–is much more offensive than that, much more hurtful (to our own egos) than that. Continue reading

Addendum to My Previous Post

I did post previously on the intolerance and immaturity of our culture that is anything but “tolerant” and seeks to force everyone to not only accept but wholeheartedly support and affirm homosexuality. Anyone who does not do so is considered a bigot or homophobic. Not agreeing with someone doesn’t mean one hates the person. On the contrary, we all want friends who are courageous enough to tell us when we are wrong or have overstepped the line.

That said, I may have found an example of someone who might qualify as genuinely homophobic. Continue reading

Theological Musings after Watching Monsters U and Writing a Sermon: Narcissism and the Lie of God’s Unconditional Love

Monsters-University-Teaser-Poster-2Okay. WARNING: I am about to get very preachy and harsh-sounding after what was a light-hearted and enjoyable time watching the delightful and pretty “Monsters University.” I think my theological grouchiness may come from the fact that I was reflecting on the Gospel message in preparing my sermon on Galatians 1:1-12 (and it didn’t help that Paul’s main point was on how alternative gospels should be accursed!). I was journaling, and I realized that this was important enough to blog publically about. Continue reading