The Phobia of “Homophobia” Meta-Narrative

Here is an excellent article by Kevin DeYoung (linked from Denny Burk) on the overused “narrative” whenever someone comes out of the closet, and the media starts up a storm seeking to shame those bigots who don’t accept (even embrace) “marriage equality, love, being true to yourself.”


The problem is that our ascendant moral logic amounts to an imposition: affirm me or else. It used to be that tolerance meant granting to your intellectual, political, or religious opponents the right to be wrong (as you see the wrong). Now tolerance means the freedom, if not the obligation, to utterly shame those you deem intolerant. Ours is a supremely moralistic age.

Besides the intolerance and bigotry and shaming (and the re-writing of history), such news reporting is just lazy, sloppy thinking! Of course, though, I do realize that unless you accept the authority of God and his Word in Scripture, you really have no basis to judge objectively why Miley Cyrus is wrong or why a host of things are run (besides whatever remains of your conscience that can still be heard to discern between what is morally and objectively right and wrong).

(CLARIFICATION: And of course, neither Kevin DeYoung nor I would wish anything ill on our fellow (LGBTQ … ? pansexual? omnisexual? whatever the new sexuality alphabet soup is being cooked up these days) humans, and I would certainly denounce bullying them, etc. They are fellow creatures made in the image of God, and I am called to love them. I am simply claiming the right to call sin sin, to be willing to love them in Christ and still be allowed to disagree with what I firmly believe to be sinful and outright rebellion against the righteous laws of our Lord and Creator.)

P.S. For a potential exception (that is, for an actual case of homophobia), please see the addendum to this post. Warning: Mandarin Chinese aptitude may be required for full enjoyment.


One thought on “The Phobia of “Homophobia” Meta-Narrative

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