Addendum to My Previous Post

I did post previously on the intolerance and immaturity of our culture that is anything but “tolerant” and seeks to force everyone to not only accept but wholeheartedly support and affirm homosexuality. Anyone who does not do so is considered a bigot or homophobic. Not agreeing with someone doesn’t mean one hates the person. On the contrary, we all want friends who are courageous enough to tell us when we are wrong or have overstepped the line.

That said, I may have found an example of someone who might qualify as genuinely homophobic. This is quite funny, but it unfortunately requires Mandarin Chinese aptitude to appreciate. I want to stress that this is a TERRIBLE example of how to minister to those who have same-sex attraction. This is a good example of how NOT to serve and love those with whom we may disagree.

Here, she goes on a tirade and calls on all Christians to isolate/insulate themselves from (i.e. shun and cut off relational and social media ties to) those who are homosexual.

This is a whimsical remix of some of her remarks, making her “MC Mei Jiang.”



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