Network Manager in Gnome 3: How to Edit / Forget Remembered Networks

I recently connected my computer to xfinitywifi, which almost never works on my computer. This has not been an issue until recently my computer (running Debian Sid and Gnome 3) seems to connect to it all the time. I tried to remove it / forget it, but I could not. I went to the Network options from the Gnome icon and from System Settings). I could not see a list of remembered connections. But surely I could do that somehow? After a google search, I came up upon this article with this fix in post #5 by JEO:

  1. In Gnome 3, press “Alt+F2” for the command prompt.
  2. Type “nm-connection-editor” that was so easily accessed in Gnome 2 but not in Gnome 3.x.x.
  3. Edit and remove saved wireless networks as necessary (and quite intuitively too)!

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