Life Event: Dean Beats 2048 (So Lame!)


I know. This is hardly a legitimate goal. But I’m still proud of it (but not proud of being proud of it). I finally beat 2048, Pokemon style (on Google Chrome on my Android 4.4 Nexus 4). All those out there playing 2048 on Facebook, I hate you and how you robbed me of those hours in my life. 😦     T_T

And especially Jacky or Jason or whoever introduced to me (unintentionally) this more addicting Pokemon version. But thanks to Andrew for introducing to me the simple but winning strategy of keeping the big number in a corner (I preferred the lower left). I didn’t like 2048 enough to get addicted until the Pokemon version on And then I gave up until I realized there was a simple strategy I was missing. (It is quite interesting as to how this strategy would have never occurred to me ever). I guess I want to revoke my thanks, because this strategy caused me to have hope and play some more!


P.S. Charizard = 2048. What comes after him (4096)? I’ll never know. Unless someone would be nice enough to find out. Comment below (especially if you have a picture, but do so anyway if you don’t). Anyway, it goes like this: Weedle, Pidgey, Zubat, Magikarp, Psyduck, Ninetails, Snorlax, Pikachu, Venasaur, Blastoise, Charizard. (Did I catch them all? *wink* ;P Yes, 2048 = 2¹¹, so we’re set). Okay, back to my paper-writing . . .

UPDATE: 2015 Nov 10: I got really lucky, and I have reached 4096 by playing on Firefox in my Ubuntu laptop!4096 Yeah!


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