How To Assess Prophecy Today

I have a link to my paper hosted on Basically it looks at the crazy story in 1 Kgs 13 (read it! It’s quite interesting to say the least) and tries to answer the question of evaluating conflicting prophecy/”alleged” revelation. This paper does not directly address how to assess prophecy today, but there are many implications from looking at this passage as well as the important passages on prophecy in Deut 13 and Deut 18. It includes this fancy picture dubbed Deuteronomy’s Evaluative Matrix/Universal Litmus Test Concerning Prophecy (or something pretentious like that … I can’t remember exactly).


An earlier version of this paper was read in front of my wonderful peers at Westminster Theological Seminary. This was for a class on Miracles and Spiritual Gifts with Dr. Poythress. The above image is copylefted (like everything else on this site) and was made entirely with free and open-sourced software (LibreOffice Draw, to be precise).

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