How to Create Simple Yet Delicious DIY Salad Dressings

If you buy salad dressing, your shopping experience typically falls into two categories:

  1. You love what you buy. But the dent it leaves in your wallet makes you feel like you cannot be indulgent in applying salad dressing to your salads.
  2. You don’t love what you buy. It may be less expensive, but it may have weird flavors due to cheap ingredients and to other miscellaneous chemical compounds and preservatives, etc.

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My Review of “Antinomianism” by Mark Jones

AntinomianismAntinomianism by Mark Jones

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

  • What is antinomianism?
  • What is the role of the law in the life of a true Christian?
  • What is the role of good works in the life of a true Christian?
  • Can we actually do genuine good works that can please God? (*Yes*)
  • Does Jesus “need” our good works? (*Yes*)
  • Are good works necessary for salvation (broadly conceived)? (*Yes*)
  • Are we able to keep the commands of Christ? (*Yes*)
  • Is the third use of the law primary? (*Yes*)
  • Does God love everyone equally? (*No*)
  • Is it bad to be motivated by future/potential reward in heaven? (*No*)
  • Does God see sin in the justified? (*Yes*)
  • Can he be displeased with those who are justified in Christ? (*Yes*)
  • Am I an antinomian? In Word or Deed?

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