Chanel is Here! Chanel Day 1

Wow, Chanel and her friend Kira have finally arrived home past 11pm on Saturday, Jan 10. after a long journey from Taiwan to JFK Airport to Philadelphia. Both puppies are Taiwanese stray mutts (台灣土狗). Chanel is a dog whose name is more lady-like than she actually is, perhaps. The Blur is from her movement.She received her name because it also works with Coco. As in “Cherry Coco Cola” and “Coco Chanel.” Coco’s legacy is enduring and long-reaching. Kira is Chanel’s friend and will go to another friend’s house. We will be looking after her for a day or two. Anyway, enough words. Here are her pictures, Chanel, clocking in at 13.7lbs:

It’s a blurry picture, but it’s a good close-up. She was a bit fidgety, but very well-behaved for a puppy.


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