Peter Jensen on GAFCon 2008: Thoughts on Church Unity and the Homosexuality Question

This was an amazing lecture given by a winsome and devout Anglican minister who looks and sounds like Michael Caine. In this lecture, he exhibits a great love for and anguish over his beloved Anglican Church.

As a member of the Anglican Communion with a global reach, he is imminently qualified to offer a deep and moving meditation of how Christians should think about Church unity in the context of questions of homosexuality.

P.S. After he gave his lecture and showed the extremely moving video at the end, we sang To God Be the Glory, and I just about lost it in the first verse and cried like a baby. Thankfully, my friend sitting next to me was too busy wiping his reddened eyes to give me a hard time. 🙂

Original site: WTS 8th Gaffin Lecture.

See the Jerusalem Declaration and video and other information concerning the Global Anglican Future Conference on their website:


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