Welcome to my blog. Hope you find some of the things I have thought and wrote about to be helpful. Thanks for visiting.

My name is Dean Chia, and I am a follower of Christ (this is a heads-up/disclaimer, in case you couldn’t tell from some of my posts). Hopefully that doesn’t turn you off. At least evaluate me based on my specific writings and not on my faith commitments. I do not wish to come off preachy, but then again, even if I do, you did come to this site of your own volition and will, no? If you have been forced to come here or have visited my site under duress, I apologize. Still, I hope you enjoy it, at hate it as little as possible. Be sure to check out the page, “Personal Favorites,” which are–you’ve guessed it–my personal favorites. And, if you don’t like “religion,” then just a heads-up: my favorite posts are unapologetically Christian. But I would hasten to add that I think they can be helpful even to non-Christians. But don’t take my word for it. See if I’m right (or wrong). Let me know if you disagree. Cheers!

My Old Bio

I am a follower of Christ. (UPDATED:) I am the husband of Eileen. I am the son of Shirong — and Karen —. I am Chinese. I am a U.S. citizen. I live in Philadelphia. I like to run and bike and do triathlons and play ping-pong and badminton. I like good food. I greatly dislike interventionist foreign policy, political duopoly (two-party politics), copyright/proprietary/non-free software, and bad theology being propagated.

The contents of this blog is licensed (copylefted) under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. There is no such thing as intellectual property. Proprietary software is a terrible thing. Borrowing ideas is not stealing or theft. Borrowing other people’s ideas and then pretentiously masquerade them as your own original ideas may be problematic, but it should not be illegal. If people care more about spreading ideas/reaching truth and less about their own appeal, then wouldn’t it be better for everyone? Also, no ideas are truly, 100% original.

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