Exegesis Flow Charts

For a key of logical/propositional relationships, please see this chart, which is adapted from my class with Dr. G.K. Beale. On occassion, I choose a *Nominal-Attribute instead of Fact-*Interpretation, when I don’t think the emphasis is on the explanatory (attribute) material. This is influenced by Dr. V.S. Poythress’s list of propositional relations typed up by one of his students. I have some on Colossians, too, though they are not listed here.


1 John

  • 2:28-3:24
    [So many mistakes/improvements, but I don’t feel like redoing:
    The first “C?” (Conditional) should actually be Temporal]
    [3:3 — the “purifying self as he is pure” should be another Ground or aside, commentary on those who are children of God …
    also, 3:14-17 is not really (- +) but perhaps more Ft-In
    also 3:17-18 is not really (+ -) but is perhaps Gn-Sp, shifting the emphasis to the specific!]