How to Backup ClockWorkMod Recovery (CWMR) to Linux Computer

Do you have a CM phone or an Android device w/ ClockWorkMod Recovery (CWMR)? Have problems trying to find that backup file you just backed up? (If you want to know how to back up, and you have CWM Recovery, simply, boot into recovery (via the CWMR app or via “adb reboot bootloader” –> Recovery Mode.) Continue reading

Nexus 4 Connection Tweak w/ Wireless N 5Ghz

Just a quick thing. I got from Junks2010 post the following (I have a Linksys E3000 w/ DDWRT): Simply change the channel to 48 (5.240 GHz). Awesome fix.

So apparently, if N5 networks don’t work, consider changing to a low channel like 40 or 48.

Putting Music (and Playlists) into Your Android Phone from GNU/Linux w/ Gnome

Update: It is best (even necessary) when your music folders/files are the same as your computer’s. Folder organization is important for the Banshee-exported playlists to “find” the music on your phone.


(I use CM 10.2 Nightlies (Franco Kernel) on LG Google Nexus 4 16 GB w/ Debian Sid GNU/Linux w/ Gnome 3 – Kernel 3.10 –> AMD64)

My favorite music player of choice is Banshee. However, it seems that it crashes whenever I have my Nexus 4 mounted. 😦

So really, the best way is to stop Banshee (that means quitting it, not just minimizing it. You have to go to the status bar and turn it off) [also, I tried w/ Rhythmbox, and it didn’t seem to play nice either…]. Continue reading

(Rooting/Unlocking) Android on GNU/Linux Quick Guide (Specfically, Nexus 4 on Debian)

For Debian-based systems, you may need to apt-get / aptitude install “android-tools-adb” and “android-tools-fastboot” or perhaps the whole package “android-tools”. If you cannot find in your repositories, google android-tools. For more recent distros on 64-bit, the package “lib32ncurses5” may need to be installed for adb to work (also, you may want to add this to your /home/user/.bashrc file –> “export PATH=${PATH}:/home/user/Android/android-sdk-linux/platform-tools” (see this link)). Continue reading