How to Create Simple Yet Delicious DIY Salad Dressings

If you buy salad dressing, your shopping experience typically falls into two categories:

  1. You love what you buy. But the dent it leaves in your wallet makes you feel like you cannot be indulgent in applying salad dressing to your salads.
  2. You don’t love what you buy. It may be less expensive, but it may have weird flavors due to cheap ingredients and to other miscellaneous chemical compounds and preservatives, etc.

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Great Caesar Salad Recipe

UPDATE: Check out this new “Master Salad Dressing Builder” post that teaches you the concepts behind a great, easy, and customizable DIY salad dressing. Also, I included some updates on this recipe. YouTube Gordon Ramsey and mayonnaise. I use 3 raw eggs now and a bit of lemon juice or vinegar to ensure that my dressing emulsifies everytime

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Dean’s Taiwan Food Diary

Day 0 (Tuesday January 10)

I flew UA-ANA (All Nippon Airways)-UA

UA (Boeing 757) (Philadelphia-Chicago)
Domestic flight = no food

ANA (Boeing 777) (Chicago-Tokyo/Narita)
[this was my first time on ANA and I loved it. I love ANA. Great service.]
Snack: Rice crackers
Lunch/dinner: Japanese-style fish with rice, sobe noodles, salted fish, miso soup, green tea
Desert: Haagan-Dazs vanilla ice cream (I skipped this one, after feeling in a healthy mood after all that light, Japanese food)
Breakfast: Korean-style Bibimbab

UA (Boeing 777 Premium) (Tokyo/Narita-Taipei/Taoyuan)
Lunch/dinner: Uninspired curry chicken, salad with dressing, triple chocolate brownie. 😦

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