What Makes (Biblical) Metaphors Work?

I wrote an essay on metaphor for my seminar class on … you’ve guessed it … Metaphor! In this paper, I discuss the “ontological” requirements of metaphor. Why is it that metaphor works, specifically, divine metaphors, and generally? The short essay can be found here on Academia.edu.

The Linguistic Genius of Babies: Or Why TV Doesn’t Work

See this excellent TED talk by Linguist Patricia Kuhl. It is amazing how babies can learn socially during the plastic time of 6-8 months old. But they require real people in order to learn. TV and audio just doesn’t cut it. This has implications for Baby Einstein customers and maybe even distance learning for some people.

View the video here at http://www.ted.com/talks/patricia_kuhl_the_linguistic_genius_of_babies.html