Thoughts on Testing and Grades and How/If They Relate to Learning: A Thought Experiment

Just a random musing on the topic of grading. Recently, I was in a discussion about online tests, and that of course is couched in the context of testing, and I was thinking about the purpose of testing. What does testing do? Does it actually help facilitate learning? Or is it just to appease accreditors (yes, I know that taken together, those two questions create a false dichotomy). Continue reading

My Review of “Teaching as a Subversive Activity” by N. Postman & C. Weingartner

Teaching As a Subversive ActivityTeaching As a Subversive Activity by Neil Postman
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Very good book that teachers ought to read. Very stimulating, and though I disagree with some of its emphases and don’t agree with everything it says, particularly on merely “survival” and on being critical of everything because you must be right and authority must be distrusted, I do see that it is a good balance, for many follow blindly a failing curriculum/education paradigm. But for those already hyper-critical of any kind of tradition, one should, naturally be critical of being critical. Continue reading

What Does It Mean To Teach (or Better: What Does It Mean To Learn)?

Here is a paper on his website about Fred Putnam’s own journey through teaching and what it has taught him about teaching. He explains his own personal journey through teaching and shares his own values in teaching – and how it is probably not how most schools teach (which may also show why so much information is passed out but so little learning occurs).

Update 2014 Aug 30: see Putnam’s model for a seminary in the above link. Also, see Frame’s proposal.