Dog Related

UPDATE (2015 Feb 16): Cierra has arrived today too! We should have called her Cuatro! See this post of Cierra Day 1 (numero quatro). General pictures of these four dogs can be found here.

UPDATE (2015 Jan 10): Chanel has arrived from JFK today! See this post of Chanel’s First Day. General pictures of these three dogs can be found here.

Cherry’s First Day g; Coco’s second to last. For Cherry Cola pictures, see here.

Update: For Cherry Cola + Chanel pictures, see here. General Dog pictures can be found here.

Updates on Cola (adopted for Coco –> together, they are Coco-Cola . . .) for those who simply want to enjoy cute puppy pictures and don’t want to read anything “heady.”

For more Cola (+ Coco) pictures, please see Coco-Cola. (Yes, this was why Cola was called Cola. Clever, I know. My dad came up with it after I joked about calling our new dog Pepsi after I saw a Pepsi fridge pack against the wall.) Be sure to see the TRIM mp4 video files … Cola is playing with his bone like a kitten with a ball of yarn. Very cute! You wouldn’t want to miss this.

For old pictures of Coco and Buddy, please see Coco’s first day, older pictures, and less older pictures on Dropbox. There may be some repeats found here on

For a few pictures of my first dog Niu Niu, see here.

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