Watching Hulu/HAL on Iceweasel in Debian

Do you want to watch Hulu in Debian with Iceweasel/Firefox without having to go to Windows or Ubuntu? Of course, Adobe Flash is bad, and so is DRM. But if you’re going to watch it, isn’t it better to do it in Debian than having to restart your computer (or run a Virtualbox)?

There is a way to build the HAL package from Ubuntu’s PPA from source. I forget where I read it in Debian Forums, so I can’t give the shoutout, but I found this helpful website on how to build from the source package from a Ubuntu PPA. Here are my .deb files for Debian 64-bit. In the following, I will use Ubuntu 14.04 Utopic HAL PPA on Launchpad, as that is LTS, I believe. Continue reading


Quick Fix for Zotero Not Starting in Latest Firefox/Iceweasel

I am currently running Debian Sid 64bit using the latest Sid-repo Iceweasel (Firefox) browser. I also use Zotero, which is a great FOSS bibliographical software program backed by George Mason University (i.e. EndNote replacement for those who care about free software and digital ethics). There is a standalone version, but I have chosen to use the Firefox/Iceweasel version so that it “resides in” Firefox. Continue reading